CHP Dispensary Closed in 4/20 Raid

In timing that can't be coincidental, at approximately noon today, LAPD officers raided CHP Dispensary on Chatsworth Street, Granada Hills' last remaining dispensary.

Owner Junior Martinez was not present at the time of the raid, but his wife, Liliana Ramirez, was taken into custody for sales and possession charges. All other employees were released.

According to Martinez, the shop was raided for over-the-counter sales of marijuana.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that a City Council member was also present at the raid. Giga Granada Hills has not yet been able to reach City Council representatives or LAPD for comment, but will provide more details as they become available.

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  1. In the runup to the election, there are going to be a lot of arrests in certain areas in an attempt to drive people out prior to full legalization. Can you imagine how terrible it would be? Some people are going to be arrested and get life sentences between now and the election. I hope there's some form of amnesty for people who've been convicted and given ridiculous sentences for pot.

  2. was mayor phony tony there ,,, how could you people have voted for that turd

  3. Keeping marijuana illegal is the best way to keep it profitable for gangs, law enforcement, the prisons guards union, and for a short while at least... for a few politicians.

    Of course its very sad, counter-productive and childish and contributes greatly to loss of faith in a common government... but the constituencies profiting aren't interested in that.

    They're padding their nests with the help of a small group of frightened people still stuck in the 1950's

    P.S. The Individually-controlled / Commons-dedicated Account concept under Commons ownership has more support than you may yet realize developing in some powerful intellectual and activist circles of both the Left and Right. Keep your eyes open. It will alter the political landscape.

    And there's no putting this idea back in the box whatever banks and politicians try to do.

  4. I don't even smoke pot but I think this is a huge waste of resources, legalize it already and let's all move on to important thiings.

  5. I went by that store often. Never saw huge lines. In fact way back when I did not even know what was there.It boils down to if its legal and they follow/followed the rules I have/had no problem with it.

  6. I honestly didn't think this is a "Medical" place period, what CulturalEngineer just said is practically what this guy did was profit of cannabis & grew horrible cannabis made me cough up my lungs & had no medical use what so ever very disappointed on the prices just like the street value might as well buy it of the streets but now I go to happycation all girl staff very friendly & honest, I didn't like how he treated us girls, I felt like I was an object a piece of meat & I don't even know this guy in the wheel chair, he tryed to flirt with me and his wifes like right there in the secretary chair, I'm glad this place is gone hopefully for good and a new owner makes up for it, I don't smoke for pleasure I consume it for my muscle spasms for my hips from a horrible car accident.
    anyways another 1 bites the dust

  7. City Council member was also present at the raid ???? of course they were there. Because they do have secret meetings and City councils should be investaged. THE law thinks its above the law and so do city councils.


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