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Granada Hills' Marijuana Dispensary Unaffected By L.A. Ordinance

Junior Martinez The medical marijuana ordinance recently passed by the Los Angeles City Council that left many Los Angeles dispensary owners scrambling to relocate will not affect Granada Hills' sole dispensary. California Herbal Providers, located on Chatsworth Street near Encino Avenue, is already in compliance with the ordinance's land-use restrictions, which require dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from other dispensaries, schools, parks and libraries, and not adjacent to or directly across a street or alley from residences. There is an alley adjacent to residences behind CHP's building, but there is a parking lot between CHP's building and the alley. "It's going to be a never-ending thing. Every day it's something new," says owner Junior Martinez of the recently passed ordinance. "But I'm okay at least for the next few weeks."

So Far, Neighborhood Council Budgets Spared

The L.A. Times reported that for the time being, neighborhood council budgets will be spared the axe, and promised to delay a decision on laying off 1,000 city workers for 30 days. In typical L.A. City Council fashion, however, I'm sure we'll be able to expect swift and decisive action after the 30 day period is over. Ahem. Thanks Sue DeVandry for the link!