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The Sludge Report: The End Is Nigh For Balboa Boulevard Youth Sports Complex Location

It's official: the lease extension has expired, and the kids' baseball and soccer teams that use the Balboa Boulevard Youth Sports Complex must vacate the premises by November 1, 2010. On that date, Metropolitan Water District, the property owner, will reclaim the land for use as a sludge spreading field. At present, arrangements for a new Youth Sports Complex location have not been finalized. Mitch Englander, Chief of Staff for Councilman Greig Smith, told GigaGranadaHills , "I haven't heard that they have a signed lease yet, and it will be a long term lease at that. Basically, we brought everybody to the dance, identified property, and now we're moving. Everything's still in process." Englander said that funds to cover relocation expenses have already been set aside, to cover costs for infrastructure, landscaping, and other necessary improvements to the new location. The youth groups' lease on the Balboa Boulevard property expired in 2004, but an e