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How's Is Still Open -- For The Moment

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Granada Hills' How's Market has not been taken over by Fresh 'n' Easy... yet. Pam Fitzgerald, at the How's corporate office in Pasadena, said that the chain is being sold piecemeal: the Torrance location will become a Super A Foods, and the Pasadena location has also been sold to a not-yet-identified buyer. The Malibu and Granada Hills locations are still up for sale, so there's still a little time to enjoy the comforting familiarity of How's. But soon, with the coming Sprouts Farmer's Market at Chatsworth and Zelzah and the impending transition of How's, by this time next year, the Granada Hills supermarket landscape will be a new and exotic place. Related posts: Hows It Going To End? Wednesday, October 6, 2010