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Budget Committee Votes To Slash Neighborhood Council Funding By Half

On Monday, the City of Los Angeles Budget and Finance Committee voted to cut neighborhood council budgets by half, from $45,000 a year to $22,500 a year, and voted to take away all the the councils' unused rollover funds. Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council President Dave Beauvais said via email of the proposed cuts, "We understand that the City is going through a financial crisis and that funding is tight, but the reality is that Neighborhood Councils are much more attuned to the needs of their respective communities and make much greater use of the modest funding we receive than a bunch of bureaucrats downtown." The City Council will vote on the Committee's recommendation on March 2nd.

A Sign Of The Times....

Nonprofit Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (LANHS) is putting on a " Foreclosure Prevention Fair " at CSUN on Saturday, February 6. The event offers foreclosure counseling with major lenders, HUD certified counseling and legal counseling agencies on hand to assist you for free. Come prepared, bring all of your documentation including income documentation and two current pay stubs, tax returns and mortgage statement. So it's a "fair," huh? I wonder if they'll have funnel cake? more info