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Food Truck Party Tonight! Food Truck Party Tonight!

I can scarcely believe that just 12 short months ago, I was wondering whether ANY food trucks would ever come to Granada Hills, and now, we're soaking in 'em. After a brief hiatus, the lovely Smokin' Willie's BBQ Truck will be back in action tonight in front of Menchies. Not enough for you? There's also gonna be a Food Truck Party at A Sweet Design cupcake shop from 7-10pm, with Papas Tapas, TastyMeat, Maria's Truck, Fresh & Meaty, and of course The Munchie Machine!!! If you're a vegan or a veggie, don't be put off by all of the suspiciously meatcentric names of our visiting trucks. Smokin' Willie's is famous for its vegan options, and most other trucks have meat-free options as well. Sweet Design is located at 17805 Chatsworth St (at the corner of Yarmouth) Menchie's is located at the southeast corner of Chatsworth and Zelzah. Old people will realize that the title of this post contains an homage to a song from Repo Man .

Saturday Night in Granada Hills: Get Your Reggae On At Oh Grady's!

Reggae and cheese steaks and beer, oh my! Saturday at 9pm, enjoy reggae band Smoothie Jones And The Red X , who will be feelin' irie until 1:30am. At 10pm, the South Philly Experience food truck will be serving just outside the bar. Oh Grady's is located at 17633 Chatsworth Street, just east of White Oak.