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The Sugar Suite: Like Night And Day

"We have a DJ here on Saturday nights," says Bonnie, day shift bartender at the Sugar Suite. "What kind of music does he play?" I ask. "Crap!" interjects one of the regulars. "Young people stuff. The difference between night and day here is like... night and day." On this Monday afternoon, the Sugar Suite is cozy, dark, and friendly. Within about a minute or two of my entry, almost everyone in the place -- and there are always people here -- has introduced themselves and shaken my hand. It's an old bar (no one inside knows exactly how old, but the guess is that it dates to sometime in the sixties), but well-loved and well-maintained. The red vinyl booths are slick and glossy, no dive-y duct tape in sight, and there are half a dozen new-looking flat screens hovering above Bonnie's head. "The best time to come here is on a Friday afternoon," says one of the daytime denizens. "No, the best time to come here is on Satu