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SNOW PWNED! "Once In A Generation Storm" Fails To Materialize

Promised blizzard, snow ponies nowhere in sight; area children, sled vendors crushed Atop a hill in Petit Park, a forlorn group of children stood in the dust at the crest of a dry dirt slope. Each child clutched a plastic disc sled, and each was wearing an adorable knitted cap with little matching mittens. "When is the snow coming, Miss Havisham?" they pleaded, a shred of hope remaining in their small voices. "I'm sorry children, but it looks like there just isn't going to be any," their guardian says, a quaver in her voice. "Let's go home." Defeated, the children drag their sleds back to the broken-down bus that will return them back to their home at Granada Hills Leukemia Care Orphanage. Their planned day of hot chocolate, sledding, and snow angels canceled, the children will instead spend the duration of the weekend receiving rounds of chemotherapy and a series of painful injections. Meanwhile, in nearby Burbank, near the intersection o