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MWD Concludes That Elimination Of Balboa Sports Fields Will Have "Less Than Significant" Impact On Recreation

It's not our responsibility, therefore our actions will have no impact. That's essentially the conclusion of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIC) released by Metropolitan Water District this week on the construction of the Jensen Solids Handling Facility Project, which will result in the closure of the Balboa Youth Sports Complex baseball and soccer fields before the end of 2010. The report concludes that "There are no impacts to recreation resulting from this project" because "Providing park and recreational facilities for local communities in the City of Los Angeles is not the financial or institutional responsibility of Metropolitan and is not a required or feasible mitigation for Metropolitan for this project." Although the report acknowledges that "loss of the recreational and social opportunities provided by the ball fields due to expiration of the lease would result in a significant inconvenience to residents through the loss of

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