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Rocky Horror In Granada Hills At Midnight Tonight!

Click the lips!

Special Deal on Yoga In Granada Hills Benefitting Van Gogh Elementary

Look at the Green "Screamin Coupons" ad on the right side of the screen. This weekend's special is for Yoga classes at North Valley Aikikai, and 10% of the proceeds will go to Van Gogh Elementary school. Check it out. Enjoy.

Who's Going To Run Bo Diddley High?

Tomorrow afternoon, Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council will host an informational meeting about the operation of Valley Region High School #4. Applicants to run the school have been asked to make brief presentations about their plans to run the school site. The meeting is Saturday, October 30 from 2-4:30pm at Granada Pavilion, 11128 Balboa Boulevard (in the Trader Joe's Center). My advice: whichever group is willing to acknowledge that Bo Diddley High, is a much cooler name than Valley Region High School No. 4 should run the school. Naming a school in honor of one of Granada Hills' most influential residents and supporting a commitment to arts in education, well, it just makes sense . Join the Facebook Group Related Posts: What Should The New High School Be Named?