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Rededication of GHCHS Vietnam Memorial: Do You Know These People?

The Vietnam War Memorial for students at Granada Hills High has been renovated and will be rededicated in a ceremony Friday, May 25 at 12:30pm,

The renovation will add the names of six young men that did not make it onto the high school’s memorial when it was dedicated in the 1970s.

Carrie Boutros, who is coordinating this event at Granada Hills Charter High School, is trying to find family members or friends of those honored on the memorial before the rededication. Do you know any of these veterans or their families?

Frank Allender, Class of 1964
John Bafile
Brent K. Baker
Frederick Barrett, Class of 1968
Michael Barrett, Class of 1965
Glenn Blankenbiller, Class of 1968
William J. Bradford, Class of 1968
Geoffrey M. Brown, Class of 1970
Roger L. Duce
Robert Easton
Jerome Dennis Elkin, Class of 1961
Patrick C. Gollinger
Joseph L. Jacobs
Peter Jakobsen
Richard R. Manemann
Robert P. Mathias
James A. McMurdo
Karl D. Porter
Gregory L. Rice
Larry D. Strouse, Class of 1968
Michael C. Uhlig, Class of 1963