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Victory Produce

Look at all of the candy! Sure, there's fruits and vegetables and all of the good-for-you stuff at Victory Produce, but I'm most impressed by the selection of exotic candies at this Armenian neighborhood grocery store. The confections have enchanting names names like "Kara Kum," "Xarba," "Luxury Cream Fudge," "Squirrel," and my personal favorite, "Clumsy Bear." Many don't have labels in English, but are in mock English, a/k/a Russian. The candy called "Caeq Memeopuma" is lovely, a close second only to "Mnwka Kocoranbin" and the enticing "Mazupobauuaw." Definitely try the other bear-themed offering, "Jypacubui Ohmyopb," and don't miss the crunchy, chocolate wafer called "Cnabrhka." Once I pried myself away from the candy bins I squeezed and elbowed my way over to the deli counter, where I found an exciting array of cheeses (not that there's ever been an array of c