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Where Is The Weird?

If there's weirdness in Granada Hills, it's under deep cover. I used to see occasional flashes of very mild weirdness here, but they seem to have disappeared. It's been a couple of years since I saw that duo of cyclists who regularly rode around on a penny-farthing and a unicycle together, and the lady who rode through the neighborhood on a chariot pulled by her Great Dane seems to have desisted as well. A family in my neighborhood has a school bus mounted on monster truck tires, but they never seem to parade it around as much as they rightfully should. I think there's two major types of weirdness in the world: what I term "Type A" weird, the type that some wear on their sleeve ( Look at how very weird I am: I drive an art car! ), and then "Type B" weird, which is type that you have to scratch the surface to get to ( I wear polos and Dockers but I've published 17 books on UFO's ). I respect both types of weirdos, but obviously, the A&#