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Another Skirmish In The Food Truck War

A group of black-shirted staffers of Numero Uno Pizzeria stand in a cluster in front of their store, surveying the Friday night scene on Chatsworth Street. Over the course of the last several months, they've watched the number of food trucks — or as they call them, "roach coaches" — burgeon on the stretch between Yarmouth and Zelzah, growing from one or two, parked only in front of Menchie's, to tonight's herd of fifteen trucks, spread up and down the street. And they're not happy. "Obviously it's a nuisance. You see nothing but wrappers, and cans, just trash. Why would Granada Hills want catering trucks to damage the place and destroy it? Not one of these trucks is from Granada Hills, not one. Why not pump up businesses that have been here, that support the Little Leagues, the Devonshire Police Station pasta night, instead of this little fad with catering trucks?" Numero Uno's staff says they're not alone in their frustration

A Great Weekend To Be A Granada Hillsian

It's already exciting enough that Granada Hills Charter is representing our fair suburb as California's entrant to the National Academic Decathalon. But to make things better, there's a CARNIVAL! Friday, 5-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday 1-10pm, carnies will ply their trade for your amusement at Petit Park, 16730 Chatsworth St. Don't want to live on cotton candy and corn dogs alone? Food trucks No Jodas and Mossie Less Southern Cuisine are in town tonight at the usual bustling Old Town (Chatsworth east of Zelzah) Friday night food truck scene. I've heard unconfirmed rumors of trucks near the carnival too. Check Twitter . But wait, there's more: it's Granada Hills Garage Sale Weekend, courtesy of the Granada Hills North/Knollwood Page . Residents are banding together to spring clean their closets, with group garage sales on Lasaine, Rinaldi, and other locations in town -- check Craigslist for more details. Finally, on Sunday, May 1, from 10am to 4pm in

Los Angeles Unified is Academic Decathlon's star student

Los Angeles Unified is Academic Decathlon's star student- Los Angeles Times