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Summer, Summer Fruits

"Summer, summer fruits It wouldn't be summer without 'em..." The watermelon is usually considered the emblematic fruit of summer, but to me, nothing tastes more summery than a fresh, local, in-season plum in full ripeness. You're just not going to get that at Albertson's. The fruit at Forneris Farms isn't organic, but it isn't flown in from Chile, either -- most of it is grown in Simi Valley or other nearby locations. You'll pay more, and you'll get more. The plums I bought there this week were a little piece of heaven, the strawberries plump and firm, and the peaches all drippy succulence. There's a the line in the About The Farmer page of Forneris Farms' website where Farmer John's bio says, "He grew up when farming was considered an important and valuable profession." Do I detect a hint of bitterness? Maybe a little. Maybe he's frustrated at having to become to an agritainment venture just to stay alive