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In-N-Out Burger Sponsors Chatsworth St. Tree Planting

Photo Courtesy Pat Walsh In-N-Out Burger, the family-owned, California-based restaurant chain has funded the planting of several of its signature palm trees along the center median of Chatsworth Street. Company spokesman Ennis Hout explained to GigaGranadaHills that the trees are just one of a string of civic beautification projects the chain plans to undertake in Southern California, in order to "give back to local communities while simultaneously promoting our brand." The chain has planted the trees at no cost to the city. Response to the project has overwhelmingly positive. Initially, Neighborhood Council members balked at the choice of tree, as Palm trees provide no shade whatsoever and could be seen as disharmonious with the existing landscape. At a pubic hearing on the matter, one resident suggested that Deodar trees, like those along White Oak Avenue that are now a historic landmark, would have been a more appropriate choice, not only because of their historic sign