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Best Places To See Fireworks

1. Your Backyard Backyard fireworks are illegal. Please do not travel the convenient 45 minute drive from Granada Hills to the enchanting town of to Fillmore, home of many verdant farms, fruit stands, and this time of year, plentiful safe 'n' sane fireworks that are sold to support organizations like the Vernon Police Officers Benefit, Rotary Club, AYSO, and Future Farmers of America. You also should not travel to the El Monte area, stopping for lunch in nearby Pasadena's Old Town shopping district, to buy fireworks. It is illegal. 2. The Freeway Drive around at night on any area freeway on Independence Day, and you'll see random explosions going off in the sky all over the place. It's cool. 3. Moorpark, California It's a straight shot on the 118 from GH to Moorpark, which is just past Simi Valley, where the city hosts a big fireworks show on July third -- leaving you free to enjoy the official holiday the following day. The event is in Moorpark