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Fresh And Easy At Former How's? Still Just A Rumor

Rumors have been swirling around the future of the former How's Grocery store in Knollwood Plaza, from the more racial fear-tinged tales ("I heard it's going to be a Super-A!" or "It's going to be a Vallarta!") to the more generally speculative but hopeful expressed desire for a Fresh & Easy, the supermarket for people who aren't excessively fond of cooking. The GigaGranadaHills inbox has seen a number of "certain" and "confirmed" emails with news tips that the new site will definitely be a Fresh & Easy. Definitely. If that's true, Fresh & Easy is surprisingly publicity-shy. Brendan Wonnacott, Fresh & Easy's Communications Director yesterday told GigaGranadaHills that "We’re looking at a number of sites in the Valley, but can’t confirm any specifics at this point." So settle down, people. The good people of Balboa Highlands must be desperate for a convenient shopping location, to be sure, but