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GH South Neighborhood Council Elections: Not Just A Rubber Stamp!

The Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council election is today from 10-4 at Granada Hills Recreation Center, and unlike some in the past, this year's election has, for several positions, more than one candidate to choose from. Which certainly makes things more interesting. It's also worth mentioning: your vote counts. No, really. It really counts. In an election where voter turnout is something like .000000001%, one or two votes actually can make a difference. But you may be saying to yourself, "I have no idea whom to pick, since none of these candidates have television commercials on which I can base my voting decisions!" Well, it's all about elimination. For example, there are 15 candidates vying for positions on the nine-member board, three of which couldn't be bothered to provide statements on the "Get To Know The Candidates" page on GHSNC's website . That makes things somewhat easier. Of those candidates that did provide stateme