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Raid at Golden State Collective?

According to a user review dated July 3, 2009, Golden State Collective was raided by police. "Unfortunately I am writing this review post-raid that took place earlier this evening. I would be asleep right about now but was not able to get the medicine needed for my insomnia. (The only thing that ever helped me fall asleep at a decent hour.) " Golden State Collective is the place that I bought marijuana-laced Rice Krispie treats for my stepfather, who had cancer of the liver. The treats were nicely packaged and labeled, which decreased his reluctance to give them a try. They gave him some periods of relief from the months and months of continuous nausea he suffered toward the end of his life, which happened just eight months ago. I have not been able to verify the rumors that GSC was raided; GSC's phone has a "mailbox is full" message, and LAPD has not yet responded to a request for information. A sign in the window says that the