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The Sinatra Room at Casa De Pizza -- NSFW!

Seconds into our conversation, Vic launches into a stream of jokes. "Why do Jewish men die before their wives? Because they want to. "My wife was a centerfold, but the book was Field and Stream. "Why do the Jews and the Italians get along? We steal it, they sell it. "This one's a little off-color: A guy walks into the Walgreens, up to the girl at the counter. He's like, I'm feeling kind of embarrassed. I need prophylactics, but I don't know what size I take. She goes, 'Take it out.' She gives it two strokes. She goes, 'Aisle four, size medium.' Guy goes down the aisle, next guy's like, 'Could you do that to me too?' She says, 'Yeah, take it out.... aisle eight, large.' This little eight year old kid comes up and says, could you do that to me too?' She goes, 'Yeah yeah, take it out.' She goes, 'Register one, clean up.'" Okay, so it's not a family-friendly joke, but th

Update On My Friends In The Station Fire

Remember how I mentioned that I had a friend whose house is one of two surviving houses in her neighborhood? Her story wound up in the Los Angeles Times. Her name is Jane, and the story is here . Click the link to see how it feels to have your whole neighborhood destroyed.

Granada Hills High School Student's Death Was Suicide

The Daily News reports that Granada Hills High School senior Matthew Koziol shot himself "hours after being named the football team's starting fullback and linebacker." This is the second time this week that I'm going to ask people to say prayers, burn sage, rub a horseshoe, or do whatever it is you do when you want to wish people well. Read the complete Daily News story here .