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Playtime's Over, Kids!

The Petit Park playground has been ripped from the earth. The project, intended to bring the park's play equipment up to ADA standards, will have the playground out of service for about six weeks, according to GHSNC member and park employee Sean Rivas. "Our playground is no longer going to be a full sand structure. We will have a soft rubber flooring with a small sand area. This allows all persons with disabilities to utilize the playground," Rivas said via email. Much-needed shade awnings will also be added to the structure. With the removal of the articulated bridge, I guess that means no more ricochet jumps like the ones pictured below. The now-historic photos below were taken immediately after the (wildly successful, I might add!) Incredibles Movie Night and Food Truck Fest . Figure 1. Figure 2. These photos illustrate one possible use of the play equipment: recreation undertaken by young people. Yet unfortunately, these feats of daring, performed to a cheering