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The L.A. Pizza Comedy Experience

Brian Monarch, Our Host
"Even if you go to a comedy club where you pay to get in, there's going to be people that bomb there too," says Chris, co-owner of L.A. Pizza, and he's got a point. I've driven over the hill to the Improv and paid good money to see unfunny comedians, but now, thanks to the L.A. Pizza Comedy Experience, every Tuesday night you can see unfunny comedians right in our own neighborhood, and there's no two-drink minimum. The good news is, if you're lucky, you can see funny ones too.

On the night I visited, the headliner was Jonas Garvin, who'd just played the Improv, so it's entirely fair to say that Improv-level comics show up here. The main difference is that no one expects any famous drop-ins to happen here -- Bob Odenkirk is probably not going to make a surprise visit to L.A. Pizza (but if he does, please text me immediately).

That being said, for a low commitment evening -- no cover, no freeway -- you certainly get your mo…