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Places To Have Coffee That Aren't Starbucks, Episode I: Ninong's Pastry & Coffee

It's nearly all regulars in here. A steady trickle of customers comes in the doors all morning long, yet Ninong's is never crowded. It's spacious, friendly, and quiet, and owner Amorfina Tica -- better known as "Amy" -- greets just about everyone like a familiar friend. One taste of the coffee here lets you know you're not at the mermaid chain; there's none of the over-roasted, over-aggressive notes, and no baseball-bat-to-the-head of caffeine. The coffee just treats you nicely, which is all I want from the world on most mornings. Amid the expected coffeehouse offerings — espressos, croissants, and the like — you can find several uniquely Filipino/uniquely Ninong's offerings. There's the create-a-cupcake, with your choice of sprinkles, to delight the kiddies. Then there's the empanadas, including longanisa, a Filipino sausage. Ninong's is also a full-service bakery with a full breakfast and lunch menu, and cute little breakfast plac