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All Your Parkway Are Belong To Us

The DWP has been encouraging L.A. residents to replace thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant plants for several years now; the utility company even began offering rebates last year to further prod L.A. residents into reconsidering their landscaping. Homeowners are offered $1.00 for every square foot of grass in their yard or parkway (the strip of city-owned land between sidewalk and street) they replace with low-water-use plants. Granada Hills resident Kris Schmidt, however, wasn't eligible for a rebate. An early adopter, he had already torn out his lawn well before the program began—three springtimes ago—replacing it with low-water plants and California natives such as California Black Sage, Wooly Blue Curls, Hummingbird Sage, California Yarrow, Deer Grass, and California Poppies. For all of his trouble, Schmidt has enjoyed substantial water savings—and received a violation notice from the City of Los Angeles. Schmidt had recently done some tree trimming and had left those branc

Food Truck Invasion!

Last night the Flying Pig; tomorrow, the Scooby-Dooish Munchie Machine. Both trucks hit Granada Hills at what is fast-becoming our town's food truck corner: Zelzah and Chatsworth. Munchie Machine's mostly got grilled sandwiches and s'mores (here's their menu ); Flying Pig serves up Asian-style pork dishes and also has chicken and tofu options menu here ). Yay, more food trucks! Now all we need is a few more decent restaurants that will stay here on a more permanent basis.