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Who Needs Record Stores?

On a chilly night last week, just outside of L.A. Pizza, I ran into two guys on bikes, selling their self-produced hip-hop CDs out of a tote bag. Can you tell me your name? My name's Andrew, a/k/a Makdro , and that's my right hand man Zaybo. You gotta put Boogie Man too, because Boogie Man's been helping me since day one. And what's the name of your project? It's My Destiny To Make It. Do you live in Granada Hills? Do you always sell your stuff here? We I live in Sylmar, and I go where the wind takes me. I've been doing it for about maybe 6 years, I have maybe 80 songs floating around, and this is my fifth volume. What do you mean floating around? On the Internet? We've sold actually seven volumes of this type of music; we do two different types of music. We do kind of a Christian hip-hop, and hip-hop for the kids. So what inspires the music? I just wanna do something that nobody could have done. And what really inspires my music is me losing my mom b