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Mitchell Englander Agrees to Plead Guilty to Federal Charge Related to Obstructing Public Corruption Investigation

by L.J. Williamson Former Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell "Mitch" Englander filed a plea agreement this morning in federal court, pleading guilty to one count of scheming to falsify material facts. Federal criminal charges against Englander stem from obstruction of a public corruption investigation related to his acceptance of gifts from a businessman during trips to Las Vegas and Palm Springs. In the plea agreement, Englander pled to a scheme to cover up cash payments, expensive meals, escort services and other gifts offered to him from a businessman who operated companies in Los Angeles relating to major development projects.  The agreement also states that Englander knowingly and willfully falsified and concealed material facts pertaining to this federal public corruption investigation According to the Department of Justice, after he learned about the FBI’s public corruption investigation, Englander sent an encrypted message to "Businessperson A" o