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Casa De Pizza Makes L.A. Weekly's Best Of L.A. Issue!

...because I put it in there. The part about the $900 tip is, as stated, strictly legend, but it sounds like something Frank would do, doesn't it? Best Temple Of Sinatra Kitsch - L.A. Related articles: The Sinatra Room at Casa De Pizza -- NSFW!

Political Collectibles Show & Sale

The Southern California Chapter of the American Political Items Collectors (APIC) is holding its annual show on Sunday, Oct. 17 in Granada Hills. Come get free appraisals of your own political treasures, buy campaign buttons, posters and other political memorabilia, and view displays of vintage Americana. There will be thousands political buttons, badges and posters for sale and free campaign buttons for new collectors. Admission is $2, free for children under 13 and students with ID.