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I Love G.H.

Rollin' down the Simi Highway Judge Freaking Reinhold at my side Santa Ana winds blowin' houses down And we was born to ride Roll down the window put down the top Crank up the Bo Diddley baby Don't let the music stop We're gonna ride it till we just can't ride it no more From Balboa on to Zelzah From Sepulveda to Reseda Everybody's very happy 'Cause the homeless people always hide Looks like another perfect day I love G.H. Look at Bee Canyon Look at Mission Peak Look at that dog over there, man Hardly any fleas Look at these Eichlers There ain't nothin' like 'em nowhere Mission Boulevard (We love it) Balboa Boulevard (We love it) White Oak Avenue (We love it) Chatsworth Street (We love it, we love it) I love G.H. I love G.H. We love it!