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Snow Day!

It snowed in Granada Hills today -- but only at campus of Granada Preschool. The school hosted a "Snow Day" for students, turning the front drive into a winter wonderland, complete with sledding, snow angels, and hot cocoa.

When Will Punxatawney Phil Speak Out On Global Warming?

TODAY is Groundhog Day, and celebrity groundhog Punxatawney Phil's ceremonialized annual weather prediction will once again unfold in Punxatawney, Pa. How this particular groundhog was selected for the task is a mystery, but as the appointed spokesman (spokeshog?) for all of his fellow groundhogs - and perhaps by extension all wildlife - Phil and his clutch of top-hatted human handlers have been saddled with a greater responsibility in recent years. That is because a clear consensus within the scientific community has emerged over evidence that points to the earlier arrival of spring each year. Read the rest at

Tonight's Comedy Lineup