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I'm Still Doing This.

I’ve had a lot of support from the community for the plaza proposal. And not just from the peasants — whose opinions allegedly don’t matter — but from from property owners, from business owners, from the landed gentry. But at the Granada Hills Street Faire, someone said to me, “I’m surprised you’re still doing this.” Yeah, I’m still doing this. And here’s why: I still believe attorney Margaret Wilson, whose windows look out over the intersection, when she tells me that she sees three to four accidents per month at that merge lane, every month. I still believe that if Jake Parunyan (owner of Kenn Cleaners and the Menchie's Property, who is blocking this proposal) would agree to at least one proper sit down meeting, we could find some way to work together. I still believe that when one thousand community members sign a petition, that the City Councilman should do more to facilitate discussion. (read comments at  .) I still believe th