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Frosty Queen: Our Town's Pride and Joy

image lifted from Snap Man on Flickr Who needs corporate chains like DQ or Foster's Freeze? Not us -- we've got Frosty Queen. Sure, the tables are often gummy with melted soft serve and at night the lighting can be downright creepy, but this place turns out flawless soft serve. Is it ice cream, ice milk, or some sort of gum-based non-dairy mcflurry - esqe mystery substance? If you're brave enough to tell yourself the truth, you'll admit that you don't really want to know the answer. You just want more. On a menu this extensive, everyone will have their personal favorite, and mine is the chocolate soda float. It's like a root beer float, but instead of root beer flavored syrup, they put in chocolate syrup, and the key is that they don't stir it too much. That way, you get three separate tastes -- the bite of plain soda water, the sweet chocolate syrup and the creamy puff of ice cream. As it melts, these three distinct flavors begin to mingle