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Why I Don't Cover Crime Stories.

Why do I have to wake up to four—count 'em, four — messages telling me about everything I'm doing wrong with this blog? So far this morning, because I've chosen not to cover most crime stories in this site, I've been told that I'm: 1) guilty of censorship 2) not fair to the public 3) totally not cool or acceptable 4) ridiculous 5) wishy washy 6) required to rectify this situation You know, I'm a morning person. I usually wake up in a chipper mood. But buddy, this morning, you just opened one big-ass can of bitch . Editor's note: The remainder of this blog post will be divided into two sections: Section I , which is the part where I get really pissed off and yell a lot, and Section II , in which I calmly discuss my philosophy. Readers with a low bitchiness tolerance threshold are hereupon advised to skip to Section II . Section I. So you're gonna talk smack to me because I let people know about food trucks? Because every once in a while I DO dec