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Love Me, I'm Naked: Artist Nate Page Drops The Façade

California Living, by Nate Page (select raw footage) from machine project on Vimeo . In a neighborhood not known for having a vibrant street life, or even particularly chatty neighbors, on Thursday night, artist Nate Page brought everyone out onto the sidewalks, feeling friendly, open, and proud. "Felt almost like Halloween!" noted one resident on the lively, street-party-like atmosphere in Balboa Highlands that began at 8pm and ran until 11. Page, in conjunction with art collective Machine Project and as part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture In L.A. , created an installation in which he projected video footage of the homes' residents, going about their daily lives, in 15-minute loops onto the houses' exteriors. Through Page's piece intended, in part, to be a commentary on suburban isolation with a tad of peeping Tom voyeurism thrown in, in practice, the feeling was neither of those. By essentially stripping their houses naked an