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Subs and Celebs At The New Jersey Mike's

"I'm so glad you're here!" a fiftysomething woman gleefully clutching a sandwich tray says to me. I'm puzzled for a moment, and then I realize that she's mistaken me for an employee of the sub shop, because I'm standing there holding a folder. "You mean Jersey Mike's?" I ask. "Yes!" she exclaims. "I'm from Jersey, and I haven't been able to find sandwiches like the ones back home until I found this place. I'm so glad you're here," she repeats. "So they're as good as you remember?" "Just like I grew up with," she smiles, and then the woman floats back over to her table on a cloud of cold cut joy. From the looks of her, I can tell this lady's eaten a sandwich or two in her day, and this place has made her so very, very happy that she's anxious to tell that to anybody who'll listen. Smilin' Steve Yeager It's not just former residents of the Garden State who are