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Best. Piano Teacher. Ever.

When I tell Greg Harris I'd like to write about him, he demurs, saying, "I'm not really a very interesting interview." But I prod, so he casually relates a brief but absorbing snapshot of his life as a musician: playing at new music festivals; writing original compositions for a ballet company; witnessing the damaged psyches of musicians whose grandiose dreams landed them only in soul-crushing top 40 cover bands, complete with dismal groupies. He mentions the fragile egos of some classical musicians, the work in lucrative but unfulfilling musical servitude, the exhilarating experience of working on compelling, fresh material with his "kindred," and the thrill of watching his own original compositions morph into something even better than originally conceived through work with talented collaborators. All of this is related in his quiet, low-key vibe; Greg, it seems, has developed a pervasive sense of modesty in spite of, or perhaps because of, his ye