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At The Late Night Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show turned 35 this year, and if you still haven't seen it, well, that's a pretty long time to still be a virgin. Of course, even a movie with a drag queen hero can become mainstream given enough time. Exhibit A: Last night, Rocky Horror was screened in Granada Hills, of all places, at the Regency. Exhibit B: Yesterday, during Tulsa Elementary School's costume parade, as first-graders strolled the schoolyard in their store-bought finest, "The Time Warp" was one of the musical selections. Did the legions of pint-sized princesses and ninjas and their applauding parents realize that their tender younglings were parading to the soundtrack of a film that celebrates every vice known to man? The shadow cast, assembled from cast members from West Hills, Orange County, and other locations, featured a stellar Frank N. Furter with an impressive collection of screen-accurate costumes and a flawless Narrator, but a Janet who hadn't even mana

One From The Vaults: "What's Wrong With A 'Safe' Halloween?"

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