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Northridge Tastes, Granada Hills Budget

I, like most Granada Hills residents, spend a lot of time in Northridge, our only slightly more chi-chi neighbor to the west. We're the Jan to their Marcia, the Mary Anne to their Ginger, the Jen to their Angelina, the Biggie to their Tupac, the Hagar to their Roth. Why does it have to be that way? We're a perfectly nice town. We've got money -- well, at least north of Rinaldi we do. But lets compare: What Do We Got Northridge Granada Hills Upscale Grocery Store Whole Foods Vons Home Store Bed Bath & Beyond Anna's Linens Ice Cream Shop Pinkberry Baskin Robbins Shopping Center Fashion Center with Macy's Regency Center without Kohl's Star Turn Foo Fighters' Studio 606 The pirate hat scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High Famous Disaster 1994 Quake Sunshine Canyon Median Income $60,108 $68,801 I know we're supposed to be "The Valley's Most Neighborly Town" and all, and often times -- like when I'm watching the Hol