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LAUSD Sued Over Bungled Porter Middle School Drug Sting

No surprise here: the parents of the then-12-year-old George K. Porter Middle School student who was allegedly asked to act as an undercover drug buyer by school officials are suing LAUSD.

At the time of the incident, which took place in February of 2009, The Los Angeles Daily News ran an editorial I wrote on the whole snafu, so you can read my views here.


3:00 p.m., near Woodley & Chatsworth

2010: Year Of The Fairy

Now playing at Regency Granada Hills 9: Guys With Wings!

Believe it or not, The Tooth Fairy is getting the better reviews, but neither film is being hailed as a classic. If must see a movie featuring a guy with wings this weekend, I'd recommend just staying home and renting Barbarella.