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LAUSD Sued Over Bungled Porter Middle School Drug Sting

No surprise here: the parents of the then-12-year-old George K. Porter Middle School student who was allegedly asked to act as an undercover drug buyer by school officials are suing LAUSD . At the time of the incident, which took place in February of 2009, The Los Angeles Daily News ran an editorial I wrote on the whole snafu, so you can read my views here .


3:00 p.m., near Woodley & Chatsworth

2010: Year Of The Fairy

Now playing at Regency Granada Hills 9: Guys With Wings! Believe it or not, The Tooth Fairy is getting the better reviews, but neither film is being hailed as a classic. If must see a movie featuring a guy with wings this weekend, I'd recommend just staying home and renting Barbarella.