Granada Hills' Marijuana Dispensary Unaffected By L.A. Ordinance

Junior Martinez
The medical marijuana ordinance recently passed by the Los Angeles City Council that left many Los Angeles dispensary owners scrambling to relocate will not affect Granada Hills' sole dispensary.

California Herbal Providers, located on Chatsworth Street near Encino Avenue, is already in compliance with the ordinance's land-use restrictions, which require dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from other dispensaries, schools, parks and libraries, and not adjacent to or directly across a street or alley from residences. There is an alley adjacent to residences behind CHP's building, but there is a parking lot between CHP's building and the alley.

"It's going to be a never-ending thing. Every day it's something new," says owner Junior Martinez of the recently passed ordinance. "But I'm okay at least for the next few weeks."


  1. I like that place, I just wish their prices were lower and I would go to them more often

  2. It's a nice place. Friendly service, I'm glad they are going to stay.

  3. Its people like 3:06pm we should not have these despensaries open. To many people have abused this system with fake illnesses and just go to a doctor that is known to sign off on them receiving their medical marijuana card. The actions 3:06pm took in telling the world that they charge for the marijuana product will bring in the DEA and other enforcement agencies and I hope that it does get closed down. There is no need for a dispensary in our town. Plus I do think that he may be in violation because of the current location the store is in. Its zoned for stores related to automotives, and there are a few community members that will be doing the fact finding and presenting there findings within the near future.

  4. 8:21am, there's a fact-finding tool you should look into yourself, it's called spell check.

    Dispensaries have to charge for their products, so that they can pay their business taxes, their rent, and their employees' wages. If you really believe that there is some sort of law requiring dispensaries to give away their products for free, then you are seriously misinformed. Again, more fact finding is in order on your part.

    And how can you be so sure there is no need for a dispensary in our town? Have you factually determined that not one single person in Granada Hills has glaucoma, cancer or AIDS? That would be wonderful news...

  5. Giga, you need to research your data a little more carefully. Have you not seen the LA Times dispensary location map? There are 5 dispensaries on Chatsworth St. alone. Another on Balboa and one up on Woodley.

    The storefronts are a blight, they add nothing to the community. When it's easier to open a dispensary than a liquor store, something is wrong with the system. I don't have a problem with legalization, I do have a problem with complete disregard for zoning and appropriate use.

  6. Anonymous...why is everyone always anonymous?

    Anonymous of 4:37, you need to conduct your research in meatspace sometimes.

    I've not only seen the L.A. Times dispensary location map, I've actually -- get this -- walked up to those dispensaries, knocked on their doors, and found them to be closed. Yes, believe it or not, I actually get up from my computer sometimes and leave the house. That's how careful I am -- I actually use OTHER ways of finding things out besides just looking them up on the web. You should try it sometime.

  7. L.J, ok, you've piqued my curiosity. I'm going to go knock on doors myself to confirm your findings.

  8. I like this place a lot. Friendly and professional people, but their prices are a little high.

  9. GHDF which had a storefront on Chatsworth at White Oak does indeed appear to be shutdown. A good amount of uncollected mail lives in the doorway. The only other outlet on Chatsworth appears to be CHP. I did not check the location on Woodley, and drive Balboa regularly and don't recall seeing the location on the map nearer to Devonshire.

    You do appear to be correct. My apologies.

  10. Thanks for the apology. May I suggest that next time, before you accuse someone of not doing research, that you do some research yourself. I actually do a TON of research for this blog, so your implication that I hadn't done any was (a) inaccurate and (b) offensive.

  11. Umm, No this was the only one open in Granada Hills, the next one is way down on Balboa & Roscoe called GVC or go to MMI on Reseda & Devonshire their pretty far now, so I dont know who's saying that theirs one open in Granada Hills GHDF, CEO & GSC are closed... I know cuz I have to drive down to the other ones, and GHHC is $45 cap on all meds very good meds for my arthritis So to those who say that we have phony medical mj license u have something coming I do have a medical condition and it really helps, it's just that the U.S. people are all about their man made drugs, google it up its a plant grown from dirt and has a lot of medical value, man made has side affect or overdose (a limit on how much u can take-suicidal thoughts ARE U SERIOUS!!!), Gods medicine u cannot overdose u can buy or grow a pound and "not" overdose Did u read that right yes this is true No Side affect and No Overdose No hangovers No Worries just relief form all the pain


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