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Granada Hills Movie Night: The Correct Film To Vote For

On Saturday, July 24th at 8:00pm, Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council is hosting the first ever Granada Hills Movie Night , and they're asking the public to choose from five family-friendly films for the free event, which will be held at Petit Park. And the nominees are: The Sandlot Happy Feet E.T. Finding Nemo The Incredibles You may be thinking to yourself right now: " Why, I simply adore The Sandlot , (or E.T., or Happy Feet, or Finding Nemo) and I think I shall vote to have that film chosen for the screening!" Yet in this particular instance, thinking for yourself is actually highly overrated, as well as inappropriate and simply unnecessary. The proper procedure is to visit , and click the radio button next to The Incredibles , which is clearly the best choice for this historic event. The Sandlot ? I'm afraid not. Walter Chaw of Film Freak Central sums it up: "Playing like a particularly sickening distillation between A Christmas

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