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Enough With The Food Trucks, Now We Need A Book Truck

It was little more than a year ago that Granada Hillsians were moaning that the food truck revolution had passed us by. Seems like a long time ago now, doesn't it? Free-marketers will recognize that the food truck revolution eventually migrated and parked itself in Granada Hills because there was a need here. Granada Hills has one or two decent restaurants, but man cannot live on A&W BBQ Seafood alone. Now there's an even more desperate need in the marketplace: a decent bookstore. With the sad, sad closing of Borders, the pleasures of browsing and discovering have taken another giant leap into the oblivion hole. Granada Hills now lies in the dead center of a smoking crater of booklessness. Once the Northridge Borders closes, there will be no bookstores within a ten-mile radius of this town. Read that again: ten mile radius. Seeing the indoor playground Gummi the Bear, at the former Devonshire and Balboa site of The Bookhouse, still makes me vibrate with rage. Now,