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O'Melveny Park

The following post was written by guest blogger Kate Gale, founder of Red Hen Press. Red Hen is a non-profit literary publishing company based in Granada Hills. Their web site is . Kate's blog is at . I wake up early, often when the morning is just lightening the sky. I run past El Oro Way School, past Van Gogh School, rebuilt after the earthquake, and I get to O'melveny Park. I turn at the park and run along Sesnon until I get to Balboa. The light is filtering in through the burnt-out tree trunks and sometimes on a weekend there's someone riding a horse. A horse against the burnt-out tree trunk that is now bursting green is like the beginning of the world. I run 60 miles a week beside O'Melveny and up into the park often. I hear the wind coming down the canyon and I'm glad I live somewhere so close to the sky. It's one of the best things about Granada Hills. It's a great break from editing and w