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View Of The Station Fire From Granada Hills

I have a friend whose house is one of two surviving houses in her neighborhood, and another who is being evacuated. Cross fingers, say prayers, burn sage, rub a horseshoe, or do whatever it is you do when you want to wish people well. Photo courtesy Brad Laner

Granada Hills High School Student Dies

The Granada Hills High School web site reported this weekend that on Friday, August 28, GHHS senior and football player Matthew Koziol passed away. The site does not report on a cause of death. August 29, 2009 Dear Granada Hills Charter High School Community: It is with a heavy heart that I report to you a loss within the Granada family. This weekend I received confirmation that Matthew Koziol, one of our 12th grade students, died Friday night. Matthew, who was about to begin his last season on the GHCHS football team as a linebacker, was an active member of our student body. Prior to his enrollment at GHCHS, he was a student at Noble Middle School. Matthew is survived by his parents Robert and Lisa (his mother Lisa has been an active member of the Highlander Booster Club); brother Andrew, a 10th grade student at Chatsworth High School; sister Jenna, a 9th grade student at GHCHS; and Tessa, a 7th grade student at Nobel Middle School. I will provide you with updates as they are made

Theres ANOTHER Granada Hills? How DARE They!

Yes, it's true. In Southwest Austin, TX, there is another area by the name of Granada Hills. Please go over there and tell that bunch of poseur wannabes to meet us at the flagpole after school, because we rule and they drool. They got no Knotts Landing, no Judge Reinhold Fast Times At Ridgemont High pirate hat scene, no Frosty Queen, no Bo Diddley, no John Elway, and no Vivica Fox, so neener. I strongly suggest clicking the "submit article" link below and writing a piece entitled "Why We Are Vastly Inferior To The Real Granada Hills" for their community newsletter. Oh, and don't bother clicking on the "Community URL" link, because doesn't even work . I will say it again: neener. Austin Dallas/Fort Worth Houston San Antonio Alamo Heights NA Cross Mountain Ranch Mountain Lodge The Dominion Wildhorse Community: Granada Hills Information The official newsletter of Granada Hills Newsletter