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L.A. Pizza Closes Its Doors

In a great loss to the Granada Hills community in general -- and to this blog in particular -- L.A. Pizza has closed its doors for good. Chris, the restaurant's owner had difficulty making ends meet after losing his liquor license several months ago. In addition to being the most consistent long-term advertising sponsor of Giga Granada Hills , L.A. Pizza sponsored a number of local children's sports teams and was a favorite destination for the teams' end-of-season celebrations. In addition, the restaurant was host to Granada Hills' only comedy night. I originally approached L.A. Pizza for advertising because they were my favorite pizza place in G.H., and I felt I'd be proud to have their logo on my page. I mean, they had linguica sausage! Who else has that? No one, that's who. The place was a bit worn inside, but when you're getting delivery, who cares? I'll miss the garlic and white sauce pizza, the L.A. Supreme, the veggie suprem