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Don't Be Confused By Today's Confusing Groupon

Okay, here's the deal with today's Groupon:

If you click it, you'll be taken to a page that says "Daily Deals On The Best In Seattle."

Yes, I know we're not in Seattle. BUT you can buy it anyway, and cash it in through or, which ticket for local theaters including Pacific Northridge Fashion Center. The tickets can also be used for pricier 3D movies!

Dig it: $5.00 movie tickets. It's like the 1980s again!

Nearby Theaters ticketed by

Pacific Northridge Fashion Center All Stadium 10 - NorthridgeMann Plant 16 - Van NuysPacific Winnetka All Stadium 21 - ChatsworthAMC Promenade 16 - Woodland HillsArcLight Sherman Oaks - Sherman OaksPacific Sherman Oaks 5 - Sherman OaksAMC Burbank Town Center 8 - BurbankAMC Burbank Town Center 6 - BurbankAMC Burbank 16 - BurbankPacific Theatres Glendale 18 - GlendaleArcLight Hollywood - HollywoodMann Chinese 6 - HollywoodMann Grauman's Chinese - Hollywood

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

That means that refusing, or "forgetting" to vote is the same as voting for evil. You don't like evil, do you? Then get off your lazy ass and walk to the polls, where you will probably run into at least one of your neighbors. You can then say to that neighbor, "Look at me, I'm voting."