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If you're like me, the phrase "campaign donors" evokes images of a distant race of beings living in an alternate universe of $1,000-per-plate dinners, formalwear, and filthy backdoor influence. Obama's highly Internet-connected campaign dented that image to a certain degree; he was fond of making reference to a kindly little old lady who sent him three dollars. Granada Hills resident Tom Crowl wants to take the power of small donations even further: down to the 25-cent level. The theory is that when every citizen's resources are pooled, every citizen can have an impact -- no matter what their income level. Tom writes: "The Chagora financial function is designed as one tool, I believe an essential one for addressing a problem in influence capability. It's a way to make giving them a piece of your mind an every day experience. Frequency of participation is essential to being part of a community! But, more importantly, it's a part of a broader fra