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HomeGoods and Petco Coming to Zelzah & Chatsworth Shopping Center

In addition to Sprouts Farmers Market, Regency Center also plans to add a HomeGoods and PETCO at its Zelzah and Chatsworth location, according to an article at . Of course we all know PETCO as the go-to place when you need to disguise your cat as a Rastafarian ("No sir, Mr. Landlord, I don't have any pets, that's just Mister Nice Guy, my Jamaican cousin"). HomeGoods, however, may be less familiar. The blog describes it thus: If you've never been to Home Goods, it's like a gigantic jumble-sale (emphasis on the jumble). Organization and visual merchandising? Shmorganization and shmisual shmerchandising! Everything's everywhere! It's kind of like going into a stranger's attic, if that stranger were a hoarder. One HuffPo blogger says, "I have literally seen women almost fighting in the aisles over merchandise." I can hardly wait.