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Attention Granada Hills Parents: It's All YOUR Fault

Northridge Fashion Center is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it's all Granada Hills' fault -- at least according to one GigaGranadaHills reader who hates our children: Some of you parents in G.H. have been dropping off your children at the Northridge mall on Friday nights. I understand that you think it is O.K., but it just is not. The Mall is in chapter 11 and will never get out of is if all people see are screming little kids all night. Two years ago, that would have been O.K.,but the mall is now looking for a buyer and can not find one as it is known as the 'kids mall.' There are many other aspects to this subject, one being if you drop two hundred teens in one area with no adults, what do you think they are going to do? Two, can you take care you them? I work at the Mall, and would hate to see my place closed down because you do not want to spend time with your kid on Friday nights. We are not talking about older kids, these are mostly Junior High kids. Please, G.H.,