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New Food Truck Monday's At Oh Grady's

The food truck invasion is moving east on Chatsworth Street. Tonight, and every Monday night, Oh Gradys Bar, 17633 Chatsworth St. (between White Oak and Shoshone) is hosting a late-night food truck gathering, starting at 10pm. Tonight's trucks will be Maria's Italian, Fresh & Meaty, Dumpling Station, MeetnPotatoes, and Slap Yo Mama. Oh Grady's chose to schedule the gathering during late-night hours to avoid conflicts with local restaurants, especially nearby Frosty Queen, which closes its doors at ten. Early birds can still get their food truck fix at Sweet Design cupcake shop, which is hosting Mandoline Grill at 5:30pm. On this cold night, patrons will be welcome to bring their food into Oh Grady's and eat indoors, but liquor laws forbid bringing in outside beverages. But if you're thirsty, of course, Oh Grady's can probably help you out.